The story of Hop McFlufferson had a sad beginning. The poor little bunny (yet unnamed) had been abandoned by his original owners – and left to fend for himself outdoors. Amazingly, Hop managed to survive 3 months on his own. Hop had no idea that he was being monitored by Nicole and Tom – who were trying desperately to catch the terrified bunny and bring him indoors to safety.

On a rainy night in a torrential downpour, Nicole and Tom managed to corral Hop and capture him. They were just in time! Hop had a severely injured ear that was necrotic (dead) along ¾’s of its length. Hop also had gashes on his left cheek, and torn pieces of skin that were hanging from his face. Hop was so lucky to have been rescued! And Hop was even more lucky that his rescuers were caring and devoted animal-lovers who immediately arranged for a veterinary exam.

Due to the dead tissue of the left ear, it was determined that his entire ear would require amputation. There was no time to waste. As a sick bunny, Hop faced a high, 1 in 14 risk of anesthetic death. The odds were against Hop – although there was no choice but to amputate his ear. Fortunately, Hop survived the surgery – and returned to eating and normal activity within hours! His will to survive was inspiring.

Hop remained on pain medication and antibiotics for a week, and (much to his dismay) needed to wear a custom-designed Elizabethan collar to prevent him from scratching his surgical site. There was concern that contracture of scar tissue might cause his ear canal to close up during the healing process. However, at his recheck exam, his ear canal was wide open.

Hop has been an amazing little patient! We are so happy with his recovery. Hop McFlufferson is immensely fortunate to have such compassionate and loving new owners. He has everything a bunny could want...including his new friend, Mr. Flamingo.

Thank you, Nicole and Tom, for saving a little bunny’s life. You are amazing!!

Pre-op Hop

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